quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2011


You know that you've been around for all these years. And I'm really thankful for all that you did for me. Yes, you're amazing, incredible, awesome person. I could never imagine that I would be so happy now. It was you, only you, standing by me, looking after, being so caring and loving. You don't realize how much I'm grateful. All theses years, all the friendship..Without you, I wouldn't move, wouldn't go on. It's amazing how many great things you have done for me. I think I will thank you for all my life and that wouldn't be enough. So sorry rs
Anyway, it's hard to say and to show to you everything that it's inside me. You know how much I care about you but you have no idea how much I really love you. Yes, you think you know, but in fact, you don't. You don't realize how much I need you, how much I need you here, by my side, anytime, anywhere. I miss you so much. I need your love, your laugh, your smile to be happy.
With you, the world seems to be so good, so wonderful. You make me believe, you make me crazy! haha
My heart is too small and you are too big but don't worry, it's filled with you, with your love.
I know this is madness but I HAD to write. You know it's for you :)

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