terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

10 steps to Happiness..

1 - Simile. Yeah, smile to everybody you know ! Some doctors say that it can avoid stress and bad-humour and, well, everybody like it! You'll see, a smile can change your day and even, your life.

2 - Make somebody's day. Cheer them up. Try to make them look on the brightside, after all, things will turn out one day. And doing that, you'll feel better.

3 - When you have problems, don't feel down in the dumps and don't be depressed. Everybody have problems, all you've gotta do is move on, always trying to get a solution. So don't be afraid, believe in yourself.

4 - Say at least 10 "thanks" in a day. Be polite is necessary! And the world apreciate! haha

5 - Hug or kiss at least 10 people per day. A litlle of affection is always good. You'll feel loved and cared.

6 - Say "I love you". Exactly. Some people can't say it, they are afraid to speak that. So, don't loose the opportunity, speak now to your family, friends, boyfirend/girlfriend. Don't MISS it.

7 - Help someone else. Charity, volunteer work, anything. You can bring your joy to poor children and try to make their lifes good, with hope! You'll feel uplifting and really relief.

8- Put you favourite song very loud and start to dance! Lay your hair down, get a little crazy, be psyched out!

9 - Take 1 or 2 hours from your day to do whatever you want, if possible. Listen to some music, read a book, go to the movies, whatever you like.

10- Be optimistic and love yourself. Sometimes is hard but you must try it. The first and the last love is you, only you. You mustn't forget it!

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